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Practical information

To get off to a good start!

Reunion Island

Drive . Travel . Discover ...

To rent a van from us, all you need is a "B" license (car license), as all our vans are in the "car" category (GVW less than 3.5T).
This license must have been produced more than 4 years before the rental date, and you must be over 24 years of age.

You will also need a means of payment (cheque, cash or credit card) and a means of depositing the deposit
(see below).


When you rent your vehicle from Run A Van, we will ask you for a deposit of €2,500.

This can be paid in 2 ways:
- with an uncashed cheque,
- by credit card, in the form of a bank authorization (uncashed and not blocking your subsequent purchases). In the latter case, you'll need to check that you can pay up to €2,500 with your credit card (often referred to as the "payment ceiling").

We do not take cash deposits and we avoid receiving a transfer of this amount.


We would also like to inform you that you have the possibility to combine our insurance with an extension of your personal car insurance on the vehicle you rent from us. This will allow you to benefit from the often lower excess of your personal insurance in case of responsible damage.


In order to allow novices to discover the pleasure of a road trip in a van, or to get away for a few days between two periods of intense work, Run A Van can offer you the rental of a van for short periods of 3, 4 and 5 days.

These short-term rentals are subject to 4 specific rules:

- The reservation of a van for a duration of less than 5 days / 4 nights can only be done by phone or directly at our agency during the opening hours (9am - 12pm from Monday to Friday).

- Reservation is only possible for a rental start date within the next 21 days.

- 3 days / 2 nights rentals include a fixed mileage of 90km/day (270km for 3 days). Additional km are charged at 0.45€/km. The killometrage becomes unlimited for rentals of minimum 4 days / 3 nights).

- We only allow one driver per vehicle for rentals of less than 5 days.


Vehicle departures are made exclusively at our Saint Leu agency (63 rue Général Lambert) during our office opening hours (9:00 am - 12:00 pm) and only by appointment.

Departures outside opening hours and on Saturday mornings may be possible in exceptional circumstances. Details and conditions at the agency or by telephone.
We do not offer departures on Sundays or public holidays.

Vans are returned blind, i.e. without an appointment and without the presence of Run A Van staff. The van must be returned before 7:00 pm on the last day of rental, in accordance with the conditions specified when the vehicle left. The return inspection of your vehicle and the closing of your contract (if there is nothing to report) takes place within 3 working days of your return.

For short term rentals, we offer to store your personal vehicles on our site (without insurance).


There are several options for joining Run A Van:

  • bus: from Roland Garros airport, you can take line T (departures every 2 hours from 5.15 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., for timetables click here) and get off at the "Mairie de Saint Leu" stop, 300m from our agency. This direct line takes an average of 1 hour, depending on traffic conditions.
  • private shuttle: our partner picks you up at the terminal exit and takes you directly to Run A Van. With a preferential rate of €90/journey for 4 people, this is the quickest way to reach our agency (a supplement may be charged for night journeys, deviated routes and oversized luggage).


When you travel in a van, you benefit from a vehicle that is more compact than a motor home, ergonomic and whose modularity offers you a lot of equipment in a reduced volume.

These features limit the amount of storage space in the vehicle and if you want to retain all its functionality, you will need to maximise the amount of stuff you have, and choose soft travel bags.

In any case, avoid rigid suitcases which, once empty, will take up the same space as when filled and cannot be easily stored in the vehicle.

However, if you have no choice, we can always store your empty suitcase on our premises.


Whatever your activities during your stay, we recommend the following essential equipment:

- sun cream
- a pair of sunglasses
- a pair of "flip-flops", "sandalettes", "flip-flops", or other "finger slippers"... it's your choice!
- swimsuit, beach towel
- hat or cap
- walking/hiking shoes
- if you're planning to hike in the highlands, or if you're coming in winter, bring a fleece and a windbreaker
- in summer, bring a rain jacket

But don't worry, if you have forgotten or need some equipment once you arrive in Reunion Island, there are many sports stores on the island, with very complete ranges of products to practice all activities.


Reunion Island benefits from a multitude of picnic areas and splendid viewpoints all over its territory, so many spots to enjoy a night in the middle of nature. We have co-edited a guidebook which lists 124 picnic areas all over the island, supplied with the van, and which will be your roadbook for the rental. It will give you ideas where to put the van for the night and will help you find water, kiosks, BBQs etc. All this is free of charge!

As the number of vans and motorhomes on the island is still limited, they are not currently subject to any specific legislation.

This means that you are allowed to park a vehicle just about anywhere on the island. However, we ask you to respect the rules of propriety so that freedom continues on Reunion Island:

- Respect the environment. Do not leave any trace of your passage on a site.
- Respect the rules of the ONF and Parc National des Hauts sites.
- Respect road traffic and private property.


It is very easy to find water all around the island and in the Hauts.

Of the many picnic areas and campsites listed in the guide, which we provide free of charge in our vans (124 areas listed), most offer free access to drinking water.

In addition to these areas, you can also find water at petrol stations, first aid stations (coastline), cemeteries and stadiums.


Apart from the Ermitage-Lagon campsite in the west of the island, please note that no campsite allows access to the vehicle, and therefore to the van.

But that's the advantage of the van: it gives you all the autonomy you need, no matter where you are!


This is obvious to all, but for the sceptics, remember that the earth is unique and that our island is an illustration of its beauty.

Run A Van is therefore committed to limiting its environmental impact with its resources:

Our vehicles: to our great despair, the electric combi is not for tomorrow in Reunion Island!

But renewing your vehicles every 5 years to generate waste, to waste new resources.... No! We have chosen to work mainly with proven, reliable and robust vehicles, which benefit from all the necessary attention to ensure a longevity that would make newer vehicles jealous!

Aware that this will only be a drop in the ocean, we're trying to help protect our environment:

- We make our own washing powder for bed linen (based on Marseille soap),

- We use as many environmentally-friendly products as possible to maintain our vehicles and our agency,

- We recover rainwater to water our green spaces,

- We try to make all our equipment as durable as possible, from vacuum cleaners and computers to bed linen and optional equipment. A small hole in a sheet or a stain on a pillow won't spoil your stay!


Our teams make every effort to provide you with clean and functional vans, inside and out. Our vehicles are prepared with a full tank of water and diesel.

For the restitution of your vehicle, we will ask you to return them in the same state of cleanliness, that is to say a passage with the rollers for the outside, a clean crockery, the gas stove and the refrigerator, as well as the passage of the vacuum cleaner.

Depending on your needs, you can add options and/or packages to your rental at the time of booking to enhance your van experience.

Run A Van


NB: The bedding kit consists of a fitted sheet + comforter (or convertible comforter) + pillows and pillowcases.

Booster seat
15€ (one time)

Palet board
20€ (one time)

Trunk liner
15€ (one time)

Solar pump doucje 10L
12€ (one time)

Double hammock (2 people)
15€ (one time)

2-seater tent
15€ (one time)

2 Triplettes
15€ (one time)

15€ (one time)

Outdoor table + 4 stools
20€ (one time)

Hammock 1 person
10€ (one time)

LED mood lamp
10€ (one time)

7€ (one time)

Bedding kit
Rate according to number of people

Ecological dishwashing kit, sponge, cloth
5€ (one time)

BBQ grill
5€ (one time)

External battery
10€ (one time)

Mask and snorkel
For 2 people 15€ (once)

Beach games
10€ (one time)

Reunion Island Guides
5€/guide (one time)

Cigar lighter converter 12-220v
15€ (one time)

Buy back your deposit
Reduce your deposit from €2,500 to €2,000 (€19/day, min 5 days)

Buy back your deposit
Reduce your deposit from 2500€ to 1500€ + Additional driver

(€29/day, min. 5 days)

Run A Van


  • 45 CAMPER PACK Camping
  • Table + Stools
    2-seater tent
    BBQ grill

  • 50 GAMER PACK Games
  • Parasol
    Camping lamp + charger
    Shuffleboard OR
    Petanque triples

    Outdoor table with 4 stools

  • 70 LOVER PACK Lovers
  • Guitar
    2-seater hammock
    Camping lamp
    Trunk liners
    Solar pump shower

  • 90 FAMILY PACK* Family
  • Scooters
    Beach games
    Table + 4 stools/strong>
    Baby seat or booster
    Portable BBQ

    *For a family of
    2 adults and 2 children max

These options and packs are available for reservation when you place your order.


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